Frequently asked questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I can ship internationally from the USA through USPS First Class Package International Service or from México through FedEx. Price will depend on the country and the service. Some countries may have additional customs and fees that are not included in the shipping cost and are the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact me before purchasing for more details.

What payment types do you accept?

Debit or credit card payments are accepted through PayPal.
All prices are listed in US dollars.
Sales tax is collected in the state of Texas.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! I would love to work with you to create a custom piece.

What is vitreous enamel?

Vitreous enamel is basically powdered glass. It is applied to the surface of the metal, then fired at very high temperatures in a kiln for a few minutes. The powdered glass melts and fuses to the metal, resulting in a beautiful glass coating. Enamel is widely used in industry and art.

Is steel safe to use?

In Hollow series earrings, the enamel protects the skin from direct contact with metal. For dangling pieces the steel is blackened and sealed with wax. For most people is fine, but I can make the wire section in sterling silver upon request. The posts in all my earrings are always sterling silver and the earnuts are hypoallergenic. The wire in my Knotted series earrings is stainless steel. If you have nickel allergies I don't reccommend using stainless steel, as it contains about 10% nickel. If you are interested I can make the wire portion of the earring in sterling silver.

Are the pieces heavy?

Not at all. -Knotted series is the lightest. Each earring weights between 1-2 grams. -Steel mesh pieces in my Hollow series are very lightweight too. Earrings weight between 2-11 grams each, depending on the style. Pieces that dangle can feel heavier but still are comfortable to wear all day. -My Twist series earrings weight about 4-6 grams each. All my earrings come with comfort earnuts, they hug the ear from behind, transfering the weight better than common earnuts.

How delicate are the steel mesh and enamel pieces?

The combination of steel mesh and enamel makes a pretty strong structure. They work in symbiosis; the mesh by itself bends easily before firing the enamel, once I fire the enamel on it becomes a really strong shape. Enamel is a very durable material, but because is made of glass it means it can break or chip if dropped on hard surfaces.

How can I clean my jewelry?

Hollow collection pieces can be cleaned with a dry soft brush. If they get dirty with makeup you can wipe it off with a dry cloth. If you need to clean more deeply you can use soap and water. But make sure you dry it quickly. Any water residue that stays for too long will start to develop rust in your pieces. I reccommend drying with a hair dryer or compressed air. Knotted collection rubber pieces can be cleaned with soap and cold water.

My rubber faded, what can I do?

The results of the process of natural dyeing are never permanent. The rubber colors will fade over time, with regular wear, sun exposure, etc. I reccommend that you store your rubber away from direct sunlight between wearings. I will re-dye your rubber at no cost to you. All you have to do is send it to me and pay for the return shipping. If you'll like you can also buy another set of replacement rubber for $12

If I order a "ready to ship" piece and a "made to order", will they ship together?

If you place an order including a "Ready to ship" item and a "made to order" they will ship together after the made to order item is finished. If you wish to receive your "Ready to ship" piece sooner, you will have to place two separate orders and pay for two shipping fees.

Do you offer a warranty?

Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail. I guarantee that with proper care, my jewelry will last you a lifetime. I offer one year warranty on craft defects. The warranty does not cover improper care or abusive use.

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