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Pre-Listing Inspection

Sell your home for more and get it done faster with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection 

  • Marketing edge over the competition by offering the Great Lakes Home Inspection Full Package Warranty.

  • A link will be provided that will take your customers to the Home's Pre-Listing Inspection Report.

  • The home could sell faster than homes without a Pre-Listing report.

  • The home could sell for more money.

  • The home could sell with less hassle.

  • Help eliminate 11th-hour renegotiations based on the buyer’s inspection findings.

  • You are able to fix any problems or recognize it and reflect it in the purchase price – this takes it off the table as a negotiating tool against you.

  • It helps reduce your liability by adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.

  • This gives the buyer time to get several estimates for the items that they choose to fix, no higher-dollar quotes because the seller is pressed for time.

  • Includes a discounted re-inspection after repairs are made by the seller and an amended report.

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